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  • Can I add images, videos or GIF files to my FAQ?
    It's possible! To add an image or video, see the steps below. Go to app settings page Click 'Manage FAQ' Add or select the questions you want to add media to Click the video, image or GIF icon after editing the answer Click save after adding the saved media to the library
  • How do I register a new Q&A?
    Please refer to the following procedure to register a new FAQ item. Click the 'Manage FAQ' button Click the 'Add' button in your site's dashboard and select the 'Q&A' option Specify categories for Q&A Save and Publish You can edit the FAQ entries and change their order and categories at any time.
  • How do I edit or delete the "FAQ" heading?
    You can edit the FAQ title in the app settings tab. To make the title private, set the title to private in the 'About to display' section.
  • What is the FAQ section?
    The FAQ section is "Where is the delivery area?", "How do I book a service?" This is a place where you can quickly find answers to frequently asked questions such as. Using the FAQ section makes it easier for your visitors to navigate your site and improves your site's SEO ranking.
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